How To Live In San Francisco And Never Leave The House

While I wouldn't recommend it, it's possible to live and work without worrying about the world outside your front door. I will note, though, that we have a term for this: agoraphobia.

This is easier as a programmer, or a designer, or some other profession that lends itself to remote work.




  • Again, pick up whatever cleaning supplies you need via Instacart.
  • For a deeper clean, book an appointment with Homejoy or HandyBook.
  • Don't have an in-unit washer/dryer? No problem, just use


  • Movies? Netflix. Video games? Steam. When it comes to digital entertainment, the internet has your back.
  • For nearly anything physical (books, games, etc), you'll want the everything store, Amazon.
  • If you want to get your drink on, get Postmates to grab a six pack.
  • 4/20 friendly? No worries, Eaze is on it.
  • After a long, hard day of staying at home, get an on-demand massage via Unwind Me.


  • Okay, if there's something seriously wrong, call 911 and leave the damn house.
  • But otherwise, book a housecall with Medicast or videochat with a doctor via Doctor on Demand.


  • I'll admit, this one is a bit tricky. The best I got is to use Tinder to meet someone nearby, then suggest coming over for dinner (I'm sure by now you're a pro at delicious homemade dinners, right?).
  • Make up for it by sending flowers with BloomThat.

Did I leave something out? Got another service to suggest? Find me on Twitter and let me know!

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